Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Squid with tomato and peas

Recipe from Delicious Magazine May 2007, page 115
Cooked for dinner Sunday 6/5/2007

A good weekday meal. The squid was surprisingly tender. The sauce was a trifle bland: perhaps add more parsley or go heavy on the pepper.
Cost: moderate ($6 worth of squid was more than enough to serve two, while the other ingredients - apart from the wine - were inexpensive).
Time: 15 minutes preparation plus half an hour simmering. How many dishes did it create? Average.

To serve two, I halved the recipe in the magazine. My fishmonger didn't have small squid, so I used large squid tubes instead, and cut it into rectangles instead of rings. Before cutting it, I scoured a grid at a 45o angle for decorative effect. Here's the raw squid and onion:

The onion is gently sauted for ten minutes before the garlic is added. I think I had the gas too high:

Stirring in the squid:

The onion and squid after a little more cooking:

Meanwhile, get the tomatoes and parsley ready. My local supermarket didn't have flat-leaf parsley, so I just used normal parsley:

A little dry white:

After the wine, I added 1/2 a tin of tomatoes, 1/4 cup of chicken stock and a large pinch of sweet paprika:

Gently simmer for half an hour:

Then add peas and heat for a few minutes more:

The resulting dish is illustrated at the top of the page. Cooking, this smelled fishier than I expected, for squid. I was surprised at how tender the squid was, since I'd been taught that the secret to cooking squid was to cook it for as short a time as possible. Perhaps short or long is fine and it is only intermediate cooking times that make it tough.
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