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Pesto lasagne

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, May 2007, pg 132
Cooked for dinner, Friday 11 May 2007

Although the magazine describes this as "unbelievably light", it turned out just as much a stodgy comfort food as any other lasagne. That's okay - I like pesto, and it's good to have a vegetarian lasagne recipe that doesn't seem like a half-hearted version of a beef lasagne. The quality of your olive oil can make or break this dish, but if I were making it again, I'd try halving the amount of oil. Serve with orange juice or a dry white wine to cut through the potential oiliness of the pesto.
Time: This is quite a straightforward recipe. It took me 45 minutes to an hour, plus 20 minutes baking, but most of the preparation time was pulling the leaves off the basil, which you won't need to do if you use fresh young basil from the supermarket instead of woody, overgrown basil from my backyard. It could be very quick to prepare.
Cost: Low, though it could be higher if you need to buy the basil
Dishes: just slightly more than average.

Basil growing in my backyard:

200g is a lot of basil. All this goes in.

Fresh lasagne (this needs to be boiled a little before going in):

Weighing the pine nuts:

The pine nuts after toasting under the grill. Watch out: once they start browning, they burn very quickly:

Olive oil:

I needed to process half the basil before there was room for the other half. Adding the garlic:

Blend the oil, garlic, basil and pine nuts:

Stirring in the ricotta and parmesan:

Layering the pesto and lasagne. I recommend using less pesto than this in each layer, for a lighter result:


Excess pesto, ready to go into the freezer for another day:

Ready to eat:

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