Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Semolina cake with ricotta cream and lemon syrup

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, March 2007, pg 38
Cooked for dessert, Saturday 19 May 2007

Sweet, moist, lemony and not excessively fiddly. To be honest, though, I was a bit disappointed by this. You could get much the same flavour with much less effort by spreading lemon curd on white bread and adding a dollop of cream. I guess that wouldn't impress your guests, though.
Cost: Moderate. I needed to buy several ingredients, but none of them were very expensive.
Dishes: A few more than average.

Grease and line a cake tin:

Blend the egg yolks and sugar:

Semolina, almond meal and lemon zest, ready to go in to the mix:

Add lemon juice and cointreau:

Beaten egg whites:

Egg whites and the rest, folded together, then poured into the tin:

After baking for 25 minutes:

Ingredients for the ricotta cream:

Cutting the cake in half was tricky, and I tore one half into several pieces. Put it all back together as the bottom layer, though, and nobody will notice:

Spread with lemon curd and chilled ricotta cream before putting the top on:

Simmer sugar, water and lemon juice for ten minutes. There should be strips of lemon zest in here too, but I'd run out:

Pouring the syrup over the cake:

Served with extra lemon curd and a dried peach. I recommend leaving out the extra lemon curd - there's enough between the layers.

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