Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Pea and ham soup

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, June 2007
Made for dinner, Monday, 25 May 2007

A vivid and hearty soup, sweeter than most pea and ham soup because it uses fresh or frozen peas instead of split peas. Chunks of ham will please meat-lovers, but personally, I'd prefer the ham blended in. The texture of the meat that comes off a ham-hock is not usually the best. My partner prepared this soup; my camera and I kept him company.
Time: About 40 minutes of work in the kitchen and just over 2 hours all up.
Cost: average.
Dishes: a few more than average.

Pepper, bay and chilli:

Carrots, celery and an onion:

A hock of ham, and water:


Skin the hock and remove the meat:

Remove and discard the veges. (Dad tells me this is about how his mother used to prepare vegetables for the table!):

The remaining stock:

Butter and onion, plus a little flour:

Add the stock:

Frozen peas. Kind of cool: this volume of peas weighed 889g when first put on the scales, but the weight increased the 914g in the short time before we took the pan off the scales and put the peas in the soup. The peas chilled the interstitial air, which made room for another 15g of air!

Adding peas to the soup:

Blending the soup, once the peas are tender. Aren't stick-blenders wonderful?

Stir in the meat:


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