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Hot and sour soup with with dumplings in chilli oil

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, June 2007, pg 102
Made for dinner, Saturday 9 June 2007

A weekend dinner, as the dumplings take a little while to prepare, though the soup is very quick. Probably a little over an hour all up. The ginger was very nice in the dumplings, and I enjoyed the soup too, though it was neither as hot nor as sour as the "hot and sour soup" at my local Thai restuarant. I'm not sure having pork in both the soup and the dumplings quite works: consider leaving the soup without meat or perhaps using beef strips.
Cost: Not extravagant, but bit more than average, since it uses tofu as well as pork.
Dishes: Just a few more than average, since it uses two pots.

Let's start with the dumplings. Woollies didn't have pork mince today, so I bought 500g of pork fillet and blended half in the food-processor. This works fine and has the added advantage that you don't need to buy two packages of pork.

Grating the ginger. I read somewhere that putting baking paper over the grater prevents the ginger from getting caught in the holes and makes the grater easier to clean. I decided to try it, but found it didn't really help. Use a ginger grater if you have one.

Add to one beaten egg and oyster sauce:

Mix well with the pork:

For each dumpling, wrap a teaspoon of pork mix on a square wonton wrapper:

The recipe says it makes 16 dumplings, but in fact it makes twice that many:

The recipe calls for chilli oil for the sauce, but I used canola oil with chopped fresh chillis:

With the sugar and soy sauce. The glistening at the surface is just bubbles. This photo didn't come out too well.

Simmer the dumplings until ready (the recipe suggests two minutes, but mine took closer to four). No photo here, since my camera was getting flat batteries. Serve sprinkled with the chilli oil sauce:

Now for the soup. Soak dried shitake mushrooms, then slice:

Cut the pork fillet into thin strips:

Sliced mushrooms with tinned bean shoots and ginger. The ginger was supposed to be sliced rather than grated for the soup, but I didn't read the recipe carefully:

Add all of the above (except the dumplings) to chicken stock:

Tofu. My partner says that this is what they make you eat in hell, so I cooked my tofu separately and added it to my bowl at the end:

Rice wine vinegar with soy sauce and cornflour. This is stirred into the soup while it's still simmering.

Sliced spring onion, to garnish.

The finished soup (also shown at the top with the wontons):

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