Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Spanish-style rice with chicken and chorizo

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, June 2007
Cooked for dinner, 26 June 2007

My partner cooked this and I wasn't in the kitchen for much of that time, but I can attest that the result was tasty and filling, and didn't leave too many dishes. I'm not a big fan of chorizo, but it does add something to this dish.

This is the first photo I have: frying red onion, yellow capsicum (US: bell pepper) and sliced chorizo.

Chop the chicken, and stir it in. My partner cooks things much more in the order given in the recipe than I do. I like to have everything chopped and ready before I start.

After adding brown rice, tinned cherry tomatoes and stock:

Just about ready:

And the finished product, as usual, is shown at the top!
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