Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Lamb with lentil and fried-onion rice

Recipe from Delicious Magazine, September 2006
Full recipe available online from Taste
Cooked for dinner, 20 June 2007

Yummy, filling, and quick. I made it with lamb steaks, which are about half the price of french-trimmed lamb cutlets, so it was inexpensive, too. The whole meal took about 20 minutes' preparation and didn't leave too many dishes. This recipe is a keeper. Shown below with much too much of the rice for a single serve.

Since I was using steaks rather than cutlets, I began by trimming the worst of the fat off and pounding the steaks flat with a rolling pin wrapped in plastic.

A cup of rice, cooked. I've microwaved my rice since the rice-cooker died, and it actually does a better job than our old rice-cooker.

The flour and spices (see the online recipe for quantities:

Flouring the lamb:

Frying the lamb. Use the same pan afterwards for the rice and it will pick up some of the spices, to good effect:



Rice and lentils:


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