Barbara Does Delicious (bdelicious) wrote,
Barbara Does Delicious

Banoffee Pie (aka banana cream pie)

Delicious Magazine, April 2002
Recipe also available on Taste
Cooked for morning tea, Thursday 3/5/2007

Very simple and very yummy indeed.
Cost: low. Dishes: minimal. Time: Half an hour, plus three hours to boil the tin of condensed milk. Maybe 10 minutes hands-on, total.

Did I cheat? Yes, I did. Instead of individual pies, I made two large pies to feed the ravening hordes at morning tea at my workplace. More importantly, I skipped the pastry-making. The pastry in the recipe is nice, but I went for the no-fuss version and bought ready-made pastry cases instead. Shown below is the case after blind-baking for 15 minutes. Next to it is the tin of caramel, made simply by boiling condensed milk in its tin for three hours, then letting it cool in the saucepan of water overnight. If, like me, you really like banoffee pie, you can prepare a few tins at once and keep them ready in the pantry. If you're not comfortable heating unopened tins, or if you're in a hurry, you can open it up and microwave the condensed milk instead, stirring regularly.

Spread the caramel into the base:

The bananas, ready to go:

Banana arranged over the caramel:

The first pie ready to eat, the second awaiting chocolate:

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